Trees van den Brink was born in 1952, in Laren, The Netherlands.

The interest for art was already present at very young age. Influenced by her father's work she loved to be busy with drawings and later also sculptures. What started as a hobby soon got her professional interest, reason why she took lessons at the academy Artibus in Utrecht and afterwards in Laren at the Gooische Academy for plastic arts her training continued. At present she occupies herselve with a lot of art forms such as drawings, paintings and sculptures.


Today Trees van den Brink mostly works on commission. Although portraying naked models has her  preference , this website shows that other subjects also have her interest. The choice of material is very varied, such as pastelpencil, acrylic resin, ink and also the use of sand and stone are not strange for her to approach the colours on various locations. The use of these different techniques gives much colour to her palette and makes her work of a unpretentious beauty.


Hopefully you will enjoy her work.